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General Net, Sunday @ 9:00 PM (Central Time)

The Dupage Amateur Radio Club holds a general NET on Sunday evenings at 9:00 PM (Central Time) on our 2 Meter repeater, at 145.43 MHz. There is no PL during the net. The net consists of check-ins, traffic, Swap'n'Shop, Amateur Radio NewsLine ™ and the ARRL Letter report.

All Amateurs are welcome to check in to this net!


If you are a DARC club member and you would like to be a net control operator, contact Murray Cutler, W9EHQ. He will get you into the schedule and supply you with any material you may need.

Get the latest version of the NET PREAMBLE by clicking the button below:

Current Net Control Preamble (pdf)
Current Net Control Preamble (rtf)

If when downloading you get an err0r message, or not the latest version of the preamble, refresh the page and try again!

Net Control Assignments
We Need Net ControlVolunteers!
Jan 23 Bruce WB9WOZ
Jan 30 Greg KG9R
Feb 6 Gordon W9VTB
Feb 13 Murray W9EHQ
Feb 20 Dave N9DMS
Feb 27 Greg KG9R
Mar 6 Gordon W9VTB
Mar 13 Vicky KD9SEJ

If you'd like to be a volunteer net control operator contact
Murray Cutler, W9EHQ

Click HERE for a printable copy of the schedule.


Additional Club Nets

Net Name Day Time Freq Offset PL Tone

Tech Net


8:00 pm


-600 Khz

107.2 Hz



8:00 pm

442.550 MHz

+5 MHz

114.8 Hz

AM Enthusiasts


7:30 pm




AM Enthusiasts


8:30 pm

144.144 MHz



*All Nets on the 2 Meter Repeater can also be found on our
linked 220 MHz Repeater

Linked Repeater Offset PL Tone
224.680 MHz -1.6 MHz 110.9 Hz
If you want a printable copy of the above schedule, click this button!

Other NETS of Interest on W9DUP

Lunch Bunch Net

Is no longer a formal NET but the 12:00
noon, weekdays time slot will be
available for anyone to host any sort
of "rag chew" for those who wish to
participate. Nobody talking? Then run
a net yourself on...
145.43 MHz with the usual - 600 KHz Offset and a PL of 107.2 Hz 
Secondary Frequency remains 224.680 MHz with a -1.6 MHz Offset
and a PL of 110.9 Hz

Astronomy Net

SWAOG (Southwest Astronomy Observers Group http://www.swaog.com/) Thursday at 8:30 pm (Central Time) on the 2 Meter Repeater:

145.43 MHz with a- 600 KHz Offset and a PL of 107.2 Hz 
Secondary Frequency:224.680 MHz with a -1.6 MHz Offset and a PL of 110.9 Hz



145.03 MHz FM AFSK modulation

Mark tone of 2125 Hz 170 Hz shift for space tone -- 5 level, 45 Baudot / 60 wpm code


Club Nets