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What can you do with EchoLink?

EchoLink allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to connect to one another over the Internet. You can use EchoLink to connect your station (or your computer) over the Internet to other amateurs using the same software, and carry on a voice QSO. This greatly enhances the range and utility of mobile and portable VHF/UHF-FM stations, and also allows computer-equipped hams to access distant repeaters directly.

You can access EchoLink either with a radio or a computer. If you are in range of an FM repeater or simplex station equipped with EchoLink, you can use DTMF commands from your radio to access the EchoLink network. If you are a licensed amateur with an Internet-connected PC, you can access EchoLink stations directly from your PC.

Introducing EchoLink

Echolink® is a full featured software package with many important and useful features. EchoLink® runs on Microsoft Windows®. It is offered free of charge by www.echolink.org and may be downloaded from their website by clicking HERE. For More information about Internet Linking Programs such as EchoLink® see QST for February 2003, page 44, or download the PDF from the ARRL WEBSITE.

EchoLink® and Windows 7, 10,
and Windows Vista
EchoLink has been tested for compatibility with all versions of Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the newest editions of the Windows operating system. If you are running EchoLink on Windows 7, 10 or Vista, please be sure you have installed the latest version of EchoLink (2.0 or above), and also note the following:
Windows 7 and Windows Vista have a built-in firewall, which is enabled by default. When it's enabled, it generally blocks any software on your computer from being reachable from the Internet. Since EchoLink relies on being reachable from the Internet, it will also prevent EchoLink from working, unless a special "exception" is added for EchoLink.
source: http://www.echolink.org