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To send email using the links from within your browser,
tt has to have an email app associated with it. (Default)

If you want to contact us via email links below
in order for the links to work
automatically, you must have your favorite email client
set up as DEFAULT on your computer.
If you use Chrome and Gmail add the
and your should be good to go not only here,
but using email links all over the Web.

If you use Chrome and some other email client,
there is a new procedure floating around GOOGLE
but it is complex and a major pain...
We'd suggest you get the extension and use GMAIL
if you're going to use Chrome.
By the way no matter what browser you use, you still have
to set up a default (one of yours) email clients
to be DEFAULT or mailto links not only here, but anywhere on the
web are not going to work for you.



See the DARC INFO Page for names of current office holders.

If you can't email using these links, watch the video below on how to make your email app default in your browser!  Doing this will activate email capability in your browser for use with any email links across the World Wide Web