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Welcome to the
DuPage Amateur Radio Club (DARC)
DuPage County, Illinois

We have been serving the Chicagoland
area since 1924!

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Hey we've got some new$ for tho$e under 18 years of age
who are con$idering joining our great hobby. There's going to be $ome $pecial pricing for you! OK maybe YOU are not
younger than 18, but you might know someone who i$,
and if that per$on wants to get a HAM LICEN$E
thi$ is the time to do it! Click on the
for detail$.

Masks are preferred but now
at Club Meetings!
And you don't want to miss the next meeting on
May 23rd because the progam is about

Among other places, this spot on our website
is a place you can always come to
for the latest FIELD DAY news.
For example, at the moment our usual dynamic duo of
KG9R and N9DMS in the 20 meter tent will be minus
KG9R this year due to events planned long ago. That
means N9DMS (me) needs someone to share the 20
meter tent with. Hey Field Day is how I got hooked on HF
If you've never done anything like this before, well, here's
your chance! Starting with, we need a tent! We've got the rig
we've got the power supply & mic, we've got an external
speaker, we've got a laptop for scoring and logging, and
we've got a nice long table and a fan too! And we have the
clubs amazing 20 meter dipole antenna!
But no tent! And as we learned last year, it might rain
now and then. After last year's torrent at the start, it
cleared up nicely for the two days and we hardly missed
a beat. But we did have a good tent to protect all our "stuff."
Rather do 40m, or CW? Some other freq? Digital?
Come to the meeting this month, we're gonna be talkin'
FIELD DAY! Newbies especially, this event will get you
hooked forever. See you at the meeting!

Contest results are now availabile by visiting the ARRL Contest Portal at contests.arrl.org

Speaking of Contests:
The ARRL Contest Update is available to ARRL members
via e-mail at no charge directly from ARRL
Log in to your account and subscribe to the
ARRL Contest Update
 by clicking
"Edit your Profile" and
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Attention DARC members
Not only is Field Day Coming, but so is...

DARC Simplex Challenge XXI
Quick Refresher
Work at least five Club members on the air during the contest,
receive a certificate
Purpose: Increase Club member activity on non-repeater frequencies,
and demonstrate that even with just a dual band radio, anyone can
contest.This is a great time to try out new gear and antennas, see
how far you can actually communicate without the use of repeaters,
and get practical experience in communicating.
Runs during the following contests. We still havre Simplex Challenges coming...
...running concurrently with the

June VHF Contest,
September VHF Contest

The January, June and September VHF contests are all sponsored by
the ARRL. Their web site has all the details  http://contests.arrl.org/
The Novice Rig Roundup is sponsored by http://www.novicerigroundup.org/

For DARC Simplex Challenge
Rules and Operating Guidelines
Click This Here Button!

Be Sure to also Click The "Contests" Tab for more info!

are back!


(...and a shout-out to K9EW for compiling the list! )

We still have a strong need for volunteers to
be net control for the Sunday Night Net.
Please email Murray if interested. And HEY!
You don't have to be a DARC member
to host the Sunday Night Net!

Have You Seen

She's the "Part 60's Bat-Man Show,
Part John Madden" -
of play-by-play SOLAR WEATHER!

And She's Back AGAIN with another



  The DuPage Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Special ServicesClub and membership is open to anyone whether you are already licensed or just interested in finding out more about the hobby.