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Our technical net (TechNet) is held on Monday evenings, EXCEPT for the fourth Monday of every month when it is preempted by our normal Club meeting. The net starts at 8:00pm Central on our 2 meter and 220 MHz repeaters and runs for about an hour. This net is less formal than our regular Sunday night net and everyone is welcome to join in and ask questions or add to the discussion. Our motto: "The ONLY dumb question is the one that isn't asked."

TechNet began in 2003 as a forum for hams to get answers to questions that are often best answered by someone who's "Been There -- Done That"; more commonly known to hams as an Elmer. TechNet has become a home to many Elmers so there are very few questions we aren't able to answer.

Over the years we've added the "Smart Person Question" to get your brain cells firing and, when there's time, a segment on projects where you can brag about your current accomplishment or find a shoulder to cry on if things aren't going quite so well.

CU Mondays!
Don - N9IZU

Pure ERP and EIRP Calculator From CSG Computer Support Group, Inc. and CSGNetwork.com

CELcalc (V1.2) offers several handy conversion programs including:

  • VSWR & Return Loss
  • Wavelength, Vertical and Horizontal antenna isolation,
  • Down-tilt,
  • Various conversions,
  • Free-space propagation,
  • BDA Budget
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