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A Fun and Potentially Challenging Operating
Event is Coming up on
Sunday, Oct. 21
The Illinois QSO PARTY

Starts at Noon local. Info can be found
Scroll down to the "2018" Details. Below is their latest (planned) Activity
Map for the Il. counties. Mark it on your calendar and give it a try,
even if its just for a short period of time!
Bruce advises that club members should submit their logs

stating they are associated with dupage arc w9dup
This would be in the "related to" field on the summary
sheet going to WIARC!

DARC Simplex Challenge I Winner!
John (N9HRT) Receives Winner's Certificate
from Bruce (WB9WOZ)
Photo Courtesy of

Greg - KG9R

So What is DARC Simplex Challenge?
...we are calling "The DARC Simplex Challenge."
The next will be DARC Simplex Challenge II and so on.
Let's see how long we can keep this going!

Where did this come from you ask?
One of the questions on the Lunch Bunch one day was
if anyone had made simplex contacts recently. There were so
many people who didn't even have any simplex channels
programed in their radios, that we set out to try and can change that.

There are 3 ARRL vhf/uhf contests like this during the year. (January, June and September) In an effort to get people more involved in simplex operations we came up with this. Think of it as a "contest within a contest".

Here is how it works. During the contest work at least 5 DARC club members on simplex. Either FM or sideband. Send me Bruce (WB9WOZ) a copy of your log to verify contacts, and you get a certificate!

During the September contest, John N9HRT worked 6 and Brian-WB9UGX and Scott-KA9P both worked 4 each.
(I worked 7 but I came up with this so couldn't win...this year!)

If You Know of any more Contests Going On
Please let us know!