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Welcome to the
DuPage Amateur Radio Club (DARC)
DuPage County, Illinois
We have been serving the Chicagoland area since 1924!

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Know anybody who wants to become a ham?
Are you interested in upgrading your license?
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Check out the ARRL 10 Meter Contest and
the ARRL VHF Contest
Also Check out the Way-Cool Contest Calendar!
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(And Thanks to Brian WB9UGX For all this good stuff! )

2018 WindyCon Photos posted!
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2018 Cantigny Video posted!
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2018 Cantigny Photos posted!
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Interested in the History of Telecommunications?
Well 5th grader Luke Alston is, and he sent us a
link to a way cool historical timeline!

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Want to learn about Antenna Planning for Small HF Stations (and even larger ones)? Then click the
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lesson on the subject! Available in Power Point
and PDF!

Need some more Storm Spotter Training?
Check out the new link by hitting the "Severe Weather"
Tab and check out "Becoming a Storm Spotter from Home"
LOTS of good information!

For some Important Repeater info from Don
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The DuPage Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Special Services Club and membership is open to anyone whether you are already licensed or just interested in finding out more about the hobby. Click on the Club Info tab for more!